This article describes how to process orders that contain items you've listed through the Dropshipping app.

Fulfilling Orders with Drop Shipped and Local Items

If you manage your own inventory in addition to drop shipped items, you'll likely receive orders that require multiple forms of fulfillment. Piece of cake! 🍰

The order details section groups products by fulfillment location, so drop shipped items display separately from other products in an order. Click Fulfill to purchase and fulfill any drop shipped items, then return to the order details section and click Ship Order to ship inventory from your own fulfillment locations.


US Direct's suppliers ship to the 48 contiguous United States using a combination of tiered flat rates (for single items) and combined rates (for multiple items). These rates represents the costs that you, the seller, pay to the dropshippers.

Flat Rate Shipping Costs for Individual Items:

  • $3.95 for items 0 - 0.99 lbs
  • $5.95 for items 1 - 4.99 lbs
  • $9.95 for items 5 - 10 lbs
  • $9.95 + ( .50 per additional pound ) for items 10+ lbs

Combined Shipping Costs for Multiple Items:

  • Item #1: 100% of Flat Rate cost
  • Item #2: 50% of Flat Rate cost
  • Item #3 (or more): 25% of Flat Rate cost

For more information, see US Direct's Shipping Costs & Policies.

Best Practices

It's a good idea to offer free shipping to your shoppers whenever possible. To offset the shipping cost you'll pay for drop shipped items, we recommend building all or part of that cost into the product price. To learn more, see our article on configuring free shipping.

Returns & Refunds

Because Inventory Source's suppliers offer products from a variety of wholesalers and manufacturers, there isn't a one-size-fits-all return policy. Most vendors do have a policy in place, and the majority of the return process is handled between you (the seller) and the dropshipper, rather than between your customer and the dropshipper. For more information, see US Direct's Return & Refund Policies.

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