This article describes how to manage products you've listed through the Dropshipping app.

Listed Products

To see all active dropshipping products in your store, click the Listed Products tab at the top of the Dropshipping app page. 

Edit a Product Listing

When you list a product using the Dropshipping app, your store automatically generates a product listing that includes the product's name, weight, list price, images, and description. 

You can change these details by editing the product listing in the Products app.

Unlist a Product

There are two ways to remove a drop shipped product from your store.

Method 1:

While viewing the Listed Products tab in the Dropshipping app, select the product you want to remove from your store. Click Unlist Product below the product description.

Method 2:

From the Products app, select the product listing you want to remove. Click the three-dot more options menu icon in the top right, then select Remove.

Product Limit

All Volusion stores have access to a free plan through US Direct (powered by Inventory Source). With the free plan, you can:

  • list up to 50 drop shipped products at one time
  • fulfill up to 50 drop shipped orders each month
  • pay just $2 per drop shipped order

If you want to increase your product and order limits, as well as waive the $2 fee per order, you can upgrade to a paid plan through your US Direct account

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