Not sure what cookies are? They exist on every website, and you can learn more about them here.

This article lists the most common cookies your Volusion store uses when shoppers visit your storefront. We've broken out the different types below so that you can determine which non-essential cookies to disable or disclose to customers. 

(If you are using the V1 version of our software, please see cookie details here.)

For transparency reasons, EU merchants — and stores that cater to EU customers — will want to provide shoppers with a list of the cookies used on their website. See our article on European Cookie Legislation for more details.



Merchant Shopper Tracking

When merchants use Volusion to power their online stores, we use these cookies to track visitors to their sites:


Payment Cookies, Third Party Cookies and Storefront Add-On Cookies

Used by payment processors to remember customers without storing credit card information, identify clients with shared IP addresses, users of Chat applications and any merchant added add-ons that collect cookies.

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