Features and Improvements 🌟

  • Automatic discounts: With this feature, you can apply a discount automatically without a coupon code.
  • Minimum quantity discounts: Now you can incentivize multiple items in the cart by setting a minimum quantity for the discount to trigger. 💰💰💰
  • Maximum quantity discounts: With this, you can limit the discount, which is useful for incentivizing shopper behavior without losing much margin. Before this feature was added, any discount off a product was applied any time and every time that product was added to the cart, so if you wanted to run a discount on an item, but not every item, you didn’t have a way to do that. But now you can!  
  •  Address Verification System (AVS) check: This is a tool to help with fraud prevention. It checks the billing address against what’s on file at the issuing bank, which is a way for you to verify the person who placed the order and the cardholder are the same person. 🏘️
  • Flagged Orders: A new way to quickly identify potentially fraudulent orders in your list of orders. Any of these orders may be flagged for review: Orders where the billing address does not match shipping address, orders where at least 1 of 2 AVS checks fail and orders where we do not receive any AVS data.
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