Features and Improvements 🌟

  • You may have noticed a newly-designed dashboard! This new layout shows store data, gives easy access to your apps, and provides the latest tips and news. Essentially, your new dashboard acts as the central hub for your store.
  • Your Store's navigation menu has also been updated. Access all your native apps via the side menu


  • Navigation Update: Persistent menu on desktop, collapses on mobile. Features quicker, more intuitive navigation.
  • Order Notification Bar: Shows the day's orders. (Is hidden if there are none for the day.)
  • Analytics At-A-Glance Bar: Shows an abbreviated view of the Analytics app, and pulls orders, sales, and visits for a given time range.
  • Installed Apps: Access your apps right from your dashboard.
  • Recommendations on how to build your store
  • Blog Content: Get the latest Volusion and ecommerce news and tips
  • Resources Section
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