This article covers adjustments to the Rules section of the discount edit page of the Discounts app.

How to Turn Your Discount Into a Coupon

By default, all active discounts apply in all cases that meet your discount settings. To turn your discount into a coupon that requires the shopper to input a code on the shopping cart page, select Discount requires code and enter text in the field that appears. When you're finished, press Save

Now, the shopper must enter the coupon code during checkout to activate the discount. For more information, see "Discounts App: Storefront Coupon Redemption".

How to Set a Minimum Quantity Requirement

If you don't want your discount to apply to your entire store, you can set minimum quantity conditions. Select Discount requires a minimum quantity and enter the quantity in the field provided. To change existing requirements, edit the field as you like. To remove quantity restrictions, deselect the check box. When you're finished, press Save.

For further information about discounts, see "Discounts App: Discounts List".

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