This article covers the Image Gallery feature, which you can access from drop zones throughout your store Admin Area by pressing Browse Gallery.

You can also access it in WYSIWYG text editors on edit pages of products and custom informational pages:

All Images

The All images section displays all images you've uploaded to the gallery in all locations. Press one or more to select them and view options:

  • The downward-pointing arrow lets you Select all or Select none.
  • The paperclip icon copies an image's URL to your clipboard, so you can paste it in any location you like. This option is only available when you select a single image.
  • The pencil icon gives you access to the Photo Editor. If you edit a photo from this location, you'll change it in all Admin Area and storefront locations using it. This option is only available when you select a single image. If you use a photo in multiple locations but only want to edit it in one of them, locate it on the Admin Area page where you want to change it, hover over it, and press the pencil icon. If you then make changes and save them, they won't affect the gallery version, and the gallery will create a new image from your edits that you can use in other locations.
  • Press the trashcan icon to delete the image from your gallery. If you proceed with this option, you'll remove the image from all Admin Area and storefront locations using it. To delete it only in one location, locate it on the Admin Area page you want to remove it from, hover over it, and then press the trashcan icon.
  • Press Use to apply one or more selected images to the Admin Area page from which you accessed the image gallery. When finished, press Save on that page.

You can also add new photos to the gallery by pressing the upload icon:

Locate the file(s) you'd like to upload on your device and follow your device's prompts to complete the process.

Recently Used in Product

If you've accessed the image gallery from a product page, a Recently used in product section displays at the top.

You can remove this section by pressing Dismiss. Alternatively, press any part of the section to access a separate display of only recently-used images. This section functions the same way as the All images section, but you can't upload new files to it directly. To add photos to it, you must add them to the All images section and apply them to at least one product.

For more photo editing options, see "How to Manage and Edit Images".

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