The Image Gallery is accessed by clicking the Browse Gallery button. In this case, the gallery is available from within the edit page of a Product. For information on the Site Designer Block that contains an image gallery, check out this article.

Images can be added to the Image Gallery by clicking the Upload Images button in the Image Gallery. This will activate the standard file uploader for your computer's operating system. You may upload multiple images at one time. Mousing over the Upload Images button will display the maximum allowable image size (5MB) as well as the allowed image types (.png, .jpg, .jpeg, and .gif).

When an image is uploaded, it is automatically selected for use by the Image Gallery. If you do not wish to use this particular image, click the check mark icon above the image to unselect it. You can then click an alternate image to select it and click the Use button to add the image.

The Image Gallery also features a menu when you select an image. After clicking the image to select it a menu will appear at the top right, to the left of the Use button. Icons for Copy image URL to clipboard, Edit image and Delete selected image are featured. Click the Edit image icon (the pencil) to edit your image before use. You can crop or rotate your image. At the bottom right, Cancel and Save New Image buttons allow you to complete your work.

When deleting an image in the Image Gallery you will see a popup message verifying that you want to delete the image.

After uploading the image, mousing over it will display the image edit menu. You can Pin the image to Pinterest, edit the image, add SEO metadata or delete the image. Click the menu item to begin editing.

You can also access it in text editors on edit pages of products and custom informational pages. Click the Image icon in the top menu to open the Image Gallery.

When adding an image from one of these sections, click on the image after uploading it to open the image edit section. You may then add image information such as Title, Caption, and a clickable link for the image. You can choose to have the image open in a new tab by clicking the Open link in new tab checkbox. You may also delete the image using the Delete button.

Recently used in product and All Images

The Image Gallery shows both recently used images as well as all other uploaded images. Clicking an image will open an additional dropdown menu at the top left that allows you to Select All images or Select None. You can remove the Recently used in product images section by clicking Dismiss.

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