This article covers the core apps on your Home Screen.

When you log in, you'll see the icons above. You can use them to access your apps.

Get Started: The Get Started app gives you a simple checklist of actions required to launch your store. For more information, see "The Get Started App".

Theme Store: Use the Theme Store app to establish the overall design for your website. With this app, you can view details about your current theme or browse the Theme Store for a new one. For more information, see "The Theme Store".

Orders: With the Orders app, you can view new and past orders, collect payment, and update tracking numbers. For more information, see "The Orders App".

Products: Use the Products app to can build out your inventory. With it, you can add, edit, hide, or delete product listings. For more information, see "The Products App".

Categories: With the Categories app, you create, edit, and rearrange your store's categories. For more information, see "The Categories App".

Customers: With the Customers app, you can view and edit customer details, or to add a new customer account to your store. For more information, see "The Customers App".

Pages: The Pages app lets you create dedicated informational pages for your company, such as "About Us" and "Terms of Service". For more information, see "The Pages App".

App Store: Use the App Store app to enhance the power of your website. With this app, you can add new apps to your Home Screen, or unlock extra features of core apps. For more information, see "The App Store".

Settings: Use the Settings app to set your store's location, shipping options, and payment processor. See "Settings App: Initial Configuration".

Store Editor:  The Store Editor app lets you change the look and feel of certain elements on your storefront, including your main homepage image and color palette. For more information, see "The Store Editor App".

Analytics: The Analytics app lets you see how your store is performing, both in terms of traffic and conversions. For more information, see "The Volusion Analytics App".

Add An App: This is a shortcut to our App Store app. If you download and install any additional apps, their icons will also appear on your Home Screen.

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