This article covers how to add price differences to the product variants you create within the Products App.

You can add a price difference to any variant value or variant product, either during creation or afterward. To access the option, go to the Products app, select the product of your choice, and scroll down to the Variants section.

To add a price difference to an entire variant value (for example, "X-Large"), click the corresponding label in the Variant Values section of the grid:

Enter the value of your choice in the Price difference field, or use the arrows to adjust the value up or down. When you're finished, press Save.

All affected variant products will show bold prices in the Edit Products section below to let you know they've been affected.

To add a price difference for an individual variant product only (for example, "X-Large" / "Cotton"), press the price on the grid in the Edit Products section, edit it as you like, and press Save.

To remove a price difference you added in this manner, open the three-dot more options menu icon next to the variant product in the Edit Products section, select Reset Price Override, and save.

When a shopper visits a product page with variants that have price differences, the price displays an asterisk until the shopper makes all applicable variant selections. 

If you entered a Sale Price for a product with variants, the sale price applies to all variant products by default. When an individual variant product's price is lower than the sale price, the lower price shows on your storefront.

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