This article covers the category edit page of your Categories app. You can access it for any category by pressing the associated row in the categories list.

You can edit any values on this page as you like.If you already know which products you want the category to contain, use the product selector below the photos to apply them to existing products. As you type, we'll suggest existing products that match your text. Select the one(s) you want. You can add as many products as you like. You can also skip this step and add the product to any categories it belongs in later at your convenience, directly from the product edit page. When you're finished, press Save.

To access more options, press the three-dot more options menu icon in the upper right corner of the Editor Panel.

Hide This Category

If you want to temporarily prevent customers from accessing the category, press Hide This Category and save. If the category is already hidden, you'll see a Hidden label next to the three-dot more options menu icon:

To expose it on your storefront, press Show This Category and save.


To make a copy, press Copy and confirm by pressing Duplicate in the dialog box. Use the back arrow to return to the categories list and you'll find the duplicate. It'll have the same name as the original, with "- COPY" appended. Press it to edit as you like.


If you're sure you want to permanently delete a category from your store, press Remove. Once you see the message asking you to confirm, press Remove again to delete it for good.

To edit properties for all categories in your store globally at once, see the options available for your theme in the Store Editor app.

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