This article covers the list of categories you find when you go to the Categories feature.

Whenever you visit it, you'll see a list of your store's categories, displayed in the order you created them. You can drag and drop your categories in any order you like. Simply press the grip area on the category of your choice, hold down, move the category to its new position in the list, and release it:

If you'd like to make a main category a subcategory of another, move the subcategory on top of the parent category and to its right until you see a line with a right angle appear:

Release it to make it a subcategory.

You can also move a parent category and its subcategories together into a new position, or change a subcategory back into a main category.

When your changes are complete, click the SAVE button at the top left of the page.

Note that if your navigation menu contains custom informational pages or links to external websites, you can't change the positions of your categories relative to those items. To do that, you'll need to edit your navigation menu using the Menu Editor feature.

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