This article covers the product edit page of your Products app. You can access it for any product by pressing the associated row in the products list.

You can edit any values on this page as you like. When finished, press Save.

To access more options, press the three-dot more options menu icon:

Hide Product

If you want to create a product in advance without offering it for purchase, or if you need to make a product temporarily unavailable, just select Hide Product and save. When it's hidden, you'll see a hidden label next to the three-dot more options menu icon:

You can make the product available again at any time by selecting Show Product and saving. Any products you hide will appear in the Hidden Products tab when you view the products list.


In order to save time, you may want to duplicate a product to use as the basis for a new one. To do so, select Copy and confirm by pressing Duplicate in the dialog box.

Use the back arrow to return to the products list and you'll find the duplicate. It'll have the same name as the original, with "- COPY" appended. Select it to edit as you like.

Apart from the name, the duplicate product contains all of the same data as the original product, including any photos you added.

When you're finished customizing, save.


If you're sure you want to permanently delete a product from your store, press Remove. Once you see the message asking you to confirm, press Remove again to delete it for good.

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