This article covers the list of products you find when you go to the Products feature.

Whenever you visit, you'll see a list of your store's products sorted by Date Added, with the newest product showing first. The product columns are editable, allowing you to decide which columns you want to see when you visit the Products List.

The View dropdown is used to choose the displayed columns. Most columns are also sortable by clicking the column name.

Accessing Product Details

The Product Detail page for any product on the list can be accessed simply by clicking anywhere in the row for that product on the Product List.

Export and Delete

The Products on the list all feature checkboxes to allow the product to be selected. A checkbox at the top of the list allows all products to be selected at one time. Once a product (or all/multiple products) has been selected two buttons will show above the Product List. These buttons. marked Export and Delete, allow for the export of a CSV spreadsheet with product information or the deletion of the product from the Product List.

Adding Products

Click the ADD button at the top right of the page to be taken to a new Product Detail page where you can add your product. See the main Products article for more information on adding new products.


To Export your full Product List, click the Export button at the top right of the page, then select Start your Export in the pop-up menu that appears. The export is sent to the email of record for the VOLT store. For more information about Exporting Products, check out our Product Export article.

To import products into your store, click the Import button at the top right of the Product List page. You will have an opportunity to download a sample CSV which will help with formatting your import spreadsheet. Once your spreadsheet is ready, you can drag and drop it into the Import popup, or use the File Chooser to locate it. Click the Import button on the popup to begin the import. For more information about Importing Products, check out our Products: Importing article.

For more information about how to hide and unhide products, as well as other product adjustments, see "Products: The Product Edit Page".

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