This article covers the list of products you find when you go to the Products feature.

Whenever you visit, you'll see a list of your store's products sorted alphabetically by name. The main product photo displays as a thumbnail in the far left column, and additional columns list each product's price and the last date you modified the product. You can use the column headings to sort products by any of these values.

There are three display options for viewing your products: All Products, Displayed Products, and Hidden Products.

All Products

This tab displays by default. It lists all of your store's products, regardless of whether you've chosen to hide them or show them to customers.

Displayed Products

This tab lists any products your customers can see when browsing your store. If you don't have any hidden products, the Active Products list and the All Products list are identical.

Hidden Products

This tab lists any products you've hidden from your storefront. If you need to prevent customers from purchasing a certain product but don't want to delete it from your store, you can make it inactive by "hiding" it.

For more information about how to hide and unhide products, as well as other product adjustments, see "Products: The Product Edit Page".

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