This article covers the order details page of the Orders feature. You can access Order Details by first clicking the Orders icon on the left hand Navigation Menu on your store's Dashboard.

Once on the Orders page, the Orders Detail for a specific Order can be accessed by simply clicking that Order.


Once you select an order, you will see the Order Number at the top left of the page. At the top right you can see the Order's status, the Question Mark Icon for locating Help article or contacting Volusion support, and a 3 Dot Action Button. Below is a record of the customer's previous orders, including the date of the last order and order total. The customer's name and item count are clickable, opening the Customer page and Order List respectively.

The 3 Dot Action button lets you perform some specific actions on the Order.

From this pop-out menu, you can print a shipping label or packing list for this Order, cancel or edit the Order, or log out from your store.

Below this section, you will see Payment Information for the order. This will include the Payment Method, the customer's Billing Address, the AVS check results (in the event a credit card was used to pay for the order), and the Accept Payment button for the order. For more information on taking payments and processing Orders, see our Order Processing article located HERE.

Directly below the Payment Information section, there are a pair of buttons marked Previous Order and Next Order. These buttons will allow you to navigate the previous or next order on your Orders List from within an Order. These buttons will take you directly to the Order Details page of the next or previous order.

Located below these buttons is the Item Details section for the Order. The Accept Payment button will scroll with the page, allowing you to take your customer's payment when you are ready. 

Item Details

The Item Details section contains information on the items on the customer's Order including price and quantity. It also includes the Order subtotal, tax, shipping charges, and the Order total. There is also a section for internal notes. This information is not visible to your customer. 

Located in the Item Details section is the Fulfill button. Clicking this button will open the Fulfillment popup. Here you can see a map of the customer's Shipping Address, allocate inventory, choose your Fulfillment method, mark the order as Fulfilled, and finally, Fulfill the Order by clicking the Fulfill button. 

Order Changes

Below the Item Details section is a section that tracks Order changes. You can see the date and time that the Order was placed as well as any other changes or updates made to the Order.

Customer Details

In this section, you will find the customer’s name and email address, as well as the billing and shipping address information they provided, accompanied by a visual display in Google maps. You can edit these values by clicking View More Customer Info, which will open the customer information page.

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