This article covers the order details page of the Orders app. You can access the details page of any order by pressing the associated row in the orders list.


Once you select an order, you’ll see the customer’s name, the number of items contained in the order, the date the order was placed, and the payment amount. If the order has a note, you'll also see an indication of it.

Below this text, you’ll find the payment method and billing address. At the bottom, you’ll find a details menu with several options:

Item Details

This tab is selected by default. It displays all products that are part of the order, the quantity the customer requested for each one, and the pricing breakdown, which includes the subtotal, any applicable taxes and shipping costs from your settings, and the final total.

Order Notes

Select this tab to add notes that are only visible to you. The Customer Note (Internal Use Only) field shows any notes the customer entered when placing the order on your storefront:

In the Internal Notes field, you can enter the text of your choice that the customer can't see. It saves automatically.

Customer Details

In this section, you’ll find the customer’s name and email address, as well as the billing and shipping address information they provided, accompanied by a visual display in Google maps. You can edit these values by clicking the appropriate pencil icon.

You can also press View More Customer Info to go directly to the customer account page.

Order History

The order history section keeps a log of all activities related to the order, from initial placement through fulfillment. It includes processing actions you take as an administrator.

For order processing instructions, see "Orders App: How to Process Orders".

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