This article covers how to manage installed themes in the Installed tab of your Theme Store app.

The Installed tab looks a lot like the All Themes tab, but it only includes themes you've installed. Below each theme name, you'll see the installation date. You'll also see a Live label on the theme that's currently applied, and an Inactive label on all others.

You may also see an Update label on any theme if there's a more recent version available for download.

Press any theme tile to view the same details page available in the All Themes section. You can preview installed themes the same way as uninstalled themes.

Activate a New Theme

In the same place you saw the Install option in the Theme Store, you'll now see an Activate option with the currently-installed version number:

Press it to swap the theme with the one currently applied to your store.

Update a Theme to a New Version

If the version of the theme installed on your store is out of date, you'll see a warning at the top of your Home Screen:

If you press Update Now, you'll go to the theme details page. Here, you'll see an Update to v[#] option, where [#] represents the new version number:

Press it to update the theme. You can also update other themes in your Installed section that aren't currently active. Press Update below the Activate option to download the latest version. You can then activate the new version using the standard activation method. You can always activate the currently-installed version of any theme without updating, but we strongly recommend that you keep your theme up to date to take advantage of the latest features and bug fixes.

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