This article covers the Discounts list page in the Discounts app.

If you've created one or more discounts, you'll see them in a list whenever you visit the app. The list contains three tabs:

  • All discounts (default)
  • Active discounts
  • Disabled discounts

These values correspond to selections you make in the Status section of the discount edit page. You'll see the applicable number of discounts next to each one. You'll also see the total amount of money your customers have saved by using your discounts, and the total number of uses.

In the discount list, you'll find the following values for each discount for the selected tab:

  • the name
  • the code
  • the status
  • the usage type
  • the duration

For details on editing these properties, see the appropriate section of the "Discounts App: Discount Editing".

You can add a new discount by pressing the Add Discount button (the plus sign near the top right), and you can edit an existing discount by pressing the associated row.

To delete a discount from the list, press the check box next to it and then press the trashcan icon that appears above the list.

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