This article covers how to edit existing discounts in the Discounts app.

Basic Values

At the top of the discount edit page, you can edit the discount Name. You can also change from a percent-based discount to a dollar-based discount, or vice versa, by pressing your selection and selecting the opposite: Percent (%) or Dollars ($). To set or edit your percentage or dollar value, press the text in the field and type the numbers of your choice, or use the up and down arrows to adjust. When you're finished, press Save.

You can also delete a discount by pressing the three-dot more options menu icon, selecting Remove, and confirming in the dialog box.


All new discounts you create are enabled (Live) by default. In this section of the page, you'll see a label, which changes when you activate the discount:

  • Live: the discount is turned on and active; it has either an unlimited duration, or a limited duration that hasn't yet expired
  • Disabled: the discount exists but isn't turned on
  • Ended: the discount is turned on, but it has a limited duration that has ended

The section also tells you if there are any duration or usage restrictions, and how many orders have redeemed the discount. To turn a disabled discount on, flip the Activate toggle and press Save.


This section gives you information about which aspects of your store the discount applies. If it doesn't apply to your entire store, it shows you which specific products and categories you've selected and a product count. Add or remove selections by pressing Edit. Hover over them and select or deselect the check boxes of your choice. 

You can also use the search field to type the name of a product or category and select it from the suggestions. When you're finished, press Update. Finally, on the discount edit page, press Save.

If the discount applies to your entire store already, you can access the product and category selection features by deselecting Apply discount to entire store. You can also select the Apply discount to entire store check box to clear your product and / or category selection(s). To confirm, press Save.


For more information on how to set coupon codes and set minimum quantity requirements, see "Discount Editing: Rules".


For more information about this section, see "Discount Editing: Duration".

Usage Limits

If your discount has no usage limitations, you can set limitations here, or edit them if they already exist. Text at the top tells you how many uses are left, if applicable. To set usage limitations, select Limit total number of uses. To remove existing limitations, deselect it and save.

To add or edit the number of times customers can redeem the discount, click in the Total usage limit field and enter the number of your choice, or use the arrows to adjust the number. When you're finished, press Save. The Number of times used field keeps a tally of the redemption activity so you can verify the total that displays next to the Remaining uses designation at the top right.

Finally, you can also limit the number of times an individual customer can use your discount. Select Limit number of uses per customer, then enter the desired number value in the Per customer limit field. When you're done, click Save.

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