This article covers the Carts section of the Analytics feature.


The Carts section provides information about your conversions. You can see your conversion rate and your abandon rate on the chart. Your conversion rate is shown by default, and clicking the chart will show your abandon rate.

The average number of items per cart and the average value of your carts is displayed to the right of the chart.

Abandoned Cart Data

A shopping cart is considered abandoned after six hours without an update or purchase. To view data about individual carts, press View Details.

Abandoned cart data is available on Professional level plans and higher. Upgrade your plan to get access to abandoned cart reporting.

Abandoned Carts - Detailed View

The list shows the following details of each abandoned cart:

  • a unique ID number

  • the number of items the cart contains

  • the date the cart was created

  • the date it was last updated

  • the shopper's email address (if they provided it)

  • the value of the cart

Click a cart ID number to see information about the items in the cart and the shopper's personal details.

If the shopper didn't provide personal information before abandoning the cart, the Customer section will be empty.

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