This article covers the Menu menu selection in the Store Editor app.

The location and display properties of your main navigation menu depend on your theme. Many themes display a horizontal menu across the top of the site, but it may collapse behind a menu icon for mobile views:

The location and display properties of this icon may also vary by theme. Note that some themes may contain other types of menus, or no menu at all.

By default, your menu is empty. You can add selections to it with by pressing Add Item. You can add a category, a product, a link to an external site, or a link to a custom informational page you've created.

Once you've added multiple items to your menu, you can click and drag them to reorder them. To remove an item from your menu, hover over it and press the trashcan icon. To edit an external link item, press the pencil icon.

Categories, Products, and Custom Informational Pages

To add a category, product, or custom informational page, select the appropriate option. The Editor Panel will suggest pages of the type you've created. Press one to select it. 

If the one you want doesn't display in the suggestions, you can search for it by name, and the Editor Panel will suggest pages that match your query. Press a suggestion to select it. When you're finished, save.

External Links

To add a link to an external page:

  1. Select Link.
  2. In the Menu Item Label field, enter the text you'd like to display in your menu on the storefront.
  3. In the Link URL field, enter the full URL of the external webpage you'd like the link to go to. By default, text you enter is prefaced with "http://", but you can change it to "https://" if you need to link to a secure page.
  4. When you're finished, save.

For details on other global selections in the Store Editor app menu, see the following articles:

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