This article covers additional adjustments to the Price-Based Rates section of the Shipping tab in the Settings feature after you've completed your initial configuration.

To access this feature, from your Dashboard, click the Settings icon.

On the Settings page, locate and click the Shipping tab.

From there, scroll down the page to the Price Based Rates section.

If you don't offer free shipping at all, you can set up price-based rates for all orders. If you offer free shipping only for orders that cost a certain amount, you can offer price-based rates for orders that cost less. If you offer free shipping on all orders, or you offer weight-based rates, you can't offer price-based rates. 

Price-based rates are based on the order subtotal; you can set a single rate for all orders not eligible for free shipping, or structure rates in tiers.

Instructions for Setting a Price-Based Rate:

  1. Click the Active toggle on the top right of the section to activate Price-Based Rate options.

  2. Click + New Price Rate at the bottom of the section and enter the “Minimum” and “Maximum” order prices in the fields provided. You can leave either or both values blank if you don't want an upper or lower limit.

  3. Enter a Method Name (for example, "Standard Shipping")—this will display on the checkout page for the customer.

  4. Enter an Est. Delivery Time to show the number of days customers can expect to wait to receive the shipment—this will also display on the checkout page for the customer. 

  5. Enter a Price to charge for shipping.

  6. If you wish to limit this shipping rate to certain locations, click the pencil icon under “Ship To” and uncheck the boxes next to the countries you would like to exclude. 

  7. If you wish to charge different shipping prices for different locations (ex: $5 shipping to Canada and $10 shipping to the US), click + Add Method at the bottom of the section and repeat steps 3-6, entering a different price for step 5 and selecting different locations for step 6.

When you're finished, click the orange Create New Rate button.

Additional Instructions

  1. To create additional price-based rates, press + New Price Rate again.

  2. To edit an existing rate, click anywhere on the rate details.

  3. To delete a rate, click the three dots that appear to the right of the rate and choose Delete Price Rate. 

Price-Based Rate Tips

  • Make sure your tiers don't leave gaps or overlap. If they overlap, you'll receive an error message. If you leave a gap, you'll see an indicator in your rate list prompting you to define the rate for it, which you can click to complete.

  • To prevent gaps, you must make the upper limit of one tier the same as the lower limit of the next tier. If the order subtotal matches the shared value exactly, your store will apply the tier for which that value serves as an upper limit.

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