This article covers additional adjustments to the Store Addresses section of the Store Info tab of the Settings feature after you've completed your initial configuration. To access the Store Info click the Settings Feature icon in your site's Left Navigation menu on the Dashboard page.

The page will open on the Store Info tab. Scroll down the page an locate the Store Addresses section.

In this section, enter your business address, city, state, ZIP, and phone number (the default information is pre-filled based on your initial configuration settings). These values won't display on your storefront. They determine how your store charges tax on your orders. Some US states are origin states (meaning that taxes apply based on your business location) and others are destination states (meaning that taxes apply based on the purchaser's location). Volusion takes care of calculation for you automatically, with accuracy down to the "rooftop" level.

When you're finished with your changes, press Save.

If your business has more than one tax nexus, press Add. Use the Enter a location field to select from a list of Google suggestions, or press Enter Manually to input the address yourself. When you're done entering your secondary addresses, press Save.

Note: It may be necessary to add a tax nexus wherever your company has a business "presence" (this definition varies by state). However, most third-party warehouses and dropshippers don't warrant a separate tax nexus.

If you need to change which address is your primary one, use the Primary checkbox. You'll see a Primary label next to the one that's currently selected.

For information about other sections of the Store Info tab, see the following articles:

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