This article covers additional adjustments to the Logo and Favicon section of the Store Info tab of the Settings app after you've completed your initial configuration.

Press the drop zone to access your store's photo gallery. For more information on how the gallery works, see "The Image Gallery".

The image automatically replaces the Store Name text on your storefront. Hover over it to see additional options:

You can learn more about these options in "How to Manage and Edit Images".

You can also upload an image for use as your website favicon. Your favicon is the little logo that displays on a web browser tab next to the page title:

It's called a "favicon" because it's used in your favorites list as the website's icon when you bookmark it:

To add a favicon for your website, press the smaller drop zone below the logo drop zone to access the Image Gallery.

When you're finished, press Save

Congratulations! Your favicon is ready for action.

If you want to get rid of your favicon or swap it out for another one, just hover over the file and select the appropriate option.

For information about other sections of the Store Info tab, see the following articles:

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