This article covers additional adjustments to the Store Name & Domains section of the Store Info tab of the Settings app after you've completed your initial configuration.

Basic Settings

Your Store Name is the text-based version of your logo that displays at the top of your website header. You can edit it here as you like. When you're finished, save.

The Store Email value is the sender email address your customers see when your store sends automatic emails, like order confirmations. It's also the address their replies come to. By default, it's the same as your login address. You can edit this value as you like without also altering your login address.

Domain Name Settings

Your Sub Domain is the unique portion of your default web address. By default, your web address is in the following format:

You can edit the Sub Domain value freely. Note that spaces are replaced by dashes, and text in URLs is not case-sensitive. Changes you make affect the URL your customers use to access your store.

Custom Domain Names

If you'd like to use a fully custom web address that you own, follow these steps:

  1. Register a domain name with any ICANN-accredited registrar.
  2. Enter the name in the Custom Domain field.
  3. Press Add.
  4. Allow us 30 minutes to process your request. When we're finished, your name server settings will display on the page.
  5. Access your domain name registrar's control panel.
  6. Locate the name server settings section.
  7. Input the values we provided in the Store Name & Domains section of the Store Info tab.

Note that access and updating instructions will vary by registrar. If you need further assistance with steps 5-7, contact your registrar or locate its support resources.

After you complete all steps, it can take up to 72 hours for your new name server settings to propagate throughout the internet. During propagation, it's expected that your store will be available at the domain name you chose for some internet users but not others. This timeline operates independently of our timeline for processing your order internally.

You can view your domain nameserver settings at any time by clicking [+] Expand in the Nameserver Update Info row.

For information about other sections of the Store Info tab, see the following articles:

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