VOLT is optimized for your customers to place their own orders on your store through any internet-connected device, but you can also create orders for them. This can be useful if you accept phone orders or attend events where customers place orders from you in person. 

To create an order, access the orders list and press Add an Order in the top right.

Then, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Add Products to the Cart

Use the Order section to add products to the cart. There are two ways to do this:

Click in the Search products... field.

Begin typing the name of a product to search for it. A popup will open with product suggestions. Mouse over the product you wish to add. This will show a checkbox to the right of the product name. Click the checkbox to choose the product, then click the Add Products button at the top right of the popup.

Alternatively, you can click the Browse Products button to access the same experience as the one detailed above. Instead of a narrowed set of results based on search criteria, however, it will display all categories and products in your store to browse through. Choose a category, then choose your product using the checkbox as described above.

Once you've added one or more products to the cart, you can edit their quantities, remove them, apply a promo code, or add internal notes.

Step 2: Determine Tax Status

In the Tax Status section, decide whether you want to apply tax. By default, all orders you create follow the tax settings that apply to your storefront. If you want to override your store's tax settings, click on Tax, then select Order is tax exempt. To apply tax normally, skip this step.

Step 3: Apply a Customer

In the Customer section, click the Search customers... field to access a list of customers in your store. You can select directly from it, or type text in the field to narrow the list of results to select from.

If the customer doesn't yet exist in your store, you'll see a Create New Customer option as you type. If you choose this option, you'll see a dialog box that asks for the customer's name, phone number, email address, and physical address. Add as many details as you require and press Save.

Once you make a selection, the customer's information will populate to the order, including their order history details. You can edit the shipping or billing address by pressing the appropriate pencil icon. By default, both addresses are the same. If you need to enter a different billing address, flip the Same as Shipping toggle and then press the pencil icon to edit.

Step 4: Select a Shipping Method

In the Shipping Method section, selections applicable to the cart contents and customer details display. These are based on your store shipping settings. Choose the one you prefer. If you don't want to apply any of the applicable selections, select Custom shipping cost and enter a Rate name and Rate cost of your choice.

Step 5: Apply a Payment Method

In the Payment Method section, selections based on your store payment settings display. Input the details as necessary.

Step 6: Finish Up

When you're ready to finish, press Place Order in the top left.

Once you've done so, you can process it normally.

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