Zapier helps you connect your Volusion store with hundreds of other online apps and integrations. Once connected, you'll be able to create "Zaps" – custom action sequences triggered by specific events in your store – to automate all kinds of workflows. To get started, download our Zapier app for free in Integrations.


Once you've downloaded the app, open it from your Home Screen. If you don't already have a Zapier account, click Build Your Own Zap and follow the steps below. If you already have a Zapier account, log in and skip to step 2.

  1. On the Volusion Integrations page of the Zapier website, select the option to sign up for a free account and enter your details. You can upgrade your account to a higher plan in the future if needed. 

  2. Once you're logged into your Zapier account, select Connected Accounts from the secondary top navigation. In the Connect a new account... text box, type Volusion and select our app. 

  3. In the dialog box that displays, follow the instructions to enter your Volusion credentials, and connect your store to your Zapier account. If you skip this step, you'll still be prompted to connect your Volusion account when creating your first Zap.

Once you've connected your Volusion store to your Zapier account, you'll see Volusion listed under My Connections:

Add a Zap

You can start adding Zaps for your store in a couple of ways:

  1. From the Zapier app screen in your Volusion Admin Area, select one of our pre-made Zaps and enable it by clicking Use this Zap. To create a custom Zap, click Build Your Own Zap

  2. From your Zapier account, click Make a Zap! near the top of the page. 

Custom Zaps 

When building a custom Zap to perform a specific task:

  1. Under Choose a Trigger App, select the Volusion icon. If you haven't already connected your Volusion store to Zapier, you'll need to click Connect an Account at the appropriate step and sign in with your Volusion credentials.

  2. Select a trigger from the list of common events that occur within your Volusion store. Whenever this event occurs, the Zap will instantly perform the task you assign. Click Save + Continue to complete additional steps for the trigger setup.

  3. Define the resulting action that will occur when the selected trigger event takes place. You can create an action using any of the apps Zapier integrates with, as long as you connect your account associated with that app. Click Save + Continue to complete additional steps for the action setup.

You can create as many two-step Zaps as you'd like using your free Zapier account. If you want to create complex Zaps that involve more than two steps (trigger + action), check out Zapier's paid plans

Here are a few things you can do with the Zapier App:

  • Send customized order confirmation emails using Gmail to provide a unique shopping experience for your customers. Use this Zap

  • Set up SMS notifications to stay in the loop on new orders that are placed on your Volusion store no matter where you are. Use this Zap

  • Post new products to your Facebook page to help engage your customers and keep them up to date on new inventory. Use this Zap

  • Share new products on Twitter to promote your store’s new inventory Use this Zap

  • Subscribe new customers to your Mailchimp list for notification emails, newsletters, and more! Use this Zap

  • Send new Volusion orders to ShipStation to streamline the order fulfillment process. Use this Zap

  • Connect your Volusion store with Quickbooks Online for quick and reliable bookkeeping and receipt generation. Use this Zap

  • Add New Customers as leads in Salesforce to build and nurture long-lasting relationships with your customers. Use this Zap

  • Subscribe new customers to your Campaign Monitor list to help grow your business and engage with repeat customers. Use this Zap

  • Post new Volusion orders to a Slack Channel to keep yourself and your teams up-to-date on order activity in your Volusion store. Use this Zap

  • Create Xero invoices from new Volusion orders to keep track of your invoices and payments. Use this Zap

Not seeing the app that you're looking for? Create your own Zap here.

For more details about Volusion Zaps, see Zapier's help documentation

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