Features and Improvements 🌟

  • All V2 stores now have one and only one valid URL, meaning your myvolusion.com subdomain and all versions of your custom domain redirect to the "https://www....." of you custom domain. This is really important for SEO, as Google considers each version of the URL to be a separate site with the same content! πŸ”
  • Β Apple Pay has been live as a payment option in the cart for stores who currently accept credit cards, but we have now added the ability to turn on a "Buy with Apple Pay" button on product detail pages! 🍎 This button is truly a one-tap purchase for visitors to your site using the Safari browser on an iPhone or Mac.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Fixed an issue where the welcome survey was blocking users with a blank white screen.
  • Resolved an issue where some product pages were returning a 404.
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