Features and Improvements

  • Etsy Product Import: You can now simply export your product details from Etsy and send the file to us!
  • Adding Links to Products and Pages: Improved ability to link to products, categories and pages from product descriptions or pages! 🔗
  • Mobile-Friendly Navigation: We now have an entirely mobile-friendly menu to help you quickly navigate between apps!

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Resolved issues related to inventory not properly updating after an order was placed!
  • Fixed some cart errors that popped up when shipping methods had not yet been set up.
  • All categories can now be added to your Menu with Site Editor!
  • Bold and Italics buttons in the Inventory text editors for description fields are now functioning properly.
  • An issue that allowed a shopper to add to the cart a quantity of an item above it's inventory level to be added to the cart has been fixed!
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