Features and Improvements 

  • Store Status Card: This update to the Store Settings tab of the Settings app is the home to the Launch Your Store action, opening your store to the search engines of the world!
  • Help & Chat: Need help in your admin? Use our easy to find chat icon. You can also find chat access in the three-dot menu (overflow menu) on mobile.You can always access the Help Center from within the chat panel.
  • Getting Started App 🎬  : Setting up your store just got simpler with a new "Getting Started" app. We've pruned our previous "Progress App" and replaced it with a streamlined version of the critical steps to get you selling fast!

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Shipping rates now properly appear on checkout in all cases
  • The menu icon is now available from the Shippo App on mobile devices 🍔
  • Improved loading times in the admin
  • Addressed issues with Trial messaging in mobile 💬
  • Scrolling in mobile iOS has been improved
  • Double clicking some links in the admin no longer generates an error
  • Issues with connecting your store to Stripe have been resolved ⛓
  • Changes to category banner images can now be saved properly
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