Features and Improvements 

  • Variant Product Images: This update to the variants feature gives the shopper a richer, more informed experience when viewing a product with variants. Shoppers need to know what they’re buying! Specifying the actual image for a product variant provides an accurate depiction, empowering and delighting the shopper.
  • Inventory Management 👕👚  : Keeping an exact quantity of a product is available is now possible with our Inventory extension! Know you can provide the available count of a product that is available, and inform your shoppers when a product is no in stock.

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Improved the image edit experience on Android devices
  • Merchants now receive the proper email when an order is placed
  • Shoppers will no longer receive a duplicate order confirmation email
  • Confirmation messages for Theme updates now appear at the completion of the update
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