If you're liking your Volusion experience and know of others who might like it, too, our Refer a Friend program gives you both the opportunity to cash in. Here's how it works:

  1. You send a friend an invitation to open a store at a discounted rate.
  2. They start a free trial.
  3. If they like what they see and redeem the offer, they get a discount of up to $50 on their initial purchase.
  4. If their store remains open for 100 days in good standing, we send you a $50 reward.

What's not to like?

Send an Invitation

For more information, see "Refer a Friend: How to Invite a Friend".

Accepting an Invitation

For more information, see "Refer a Friend: How Your Friends Accept Your Invitations".


What if my friend's free trial expires?

They can still redeem the offer by purchasing through the special link that displays in your Admin Area:

You can provide it to them by any method that suits you. Links you send don't expire and you can retrieve one whenever you like.

What if my friend purchases a plan that costs less than $50?

In this case, the initial purchase will be free. Any difference between the purchase price and the discount maximum of $50 will expire.

What if I don't offer PayPal?

This is currently the only way to take full advantage of the program. In fact, if you send an invitation via email, it will come from the address associated with the PayPal account you've connected to your store.

There's no expense or down-side to offering PayPal. We recommend it highly.

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