The purpose of this guide is to provide you with general instructions for configuring an existing domain purchased through a third party for Volusion. 

In this article

  1. Add the domain to Volusion
  2. See if we need to copy over any records
  3. Point your domain's nameservers to Volusion
  4. Verify your connection in Volusion.

Adding Your Domain to Volusion

To easily link your domain with your Volusion store, just follow the steps outlined in the video below! 

Prefer to read instructions? Here are some written steps for setting up your domain:

  1. From the Volusion admin, go to Settings
  2. Enter your custom domain 
  3. Now we just need to wait 10 minutes for the custom domain to be provisioned. You'll see an "in-progress" tag next to your custom domain while we're waiting. When it's done, go ahead and write down the nameservers you're assigned. It will be unique to you and

See if we need to copy over any special records

If you just purchased your domain name and haven't used it yet, skip this section.

If you've been using your custom domain name for other purposes, let's make sure those things stay working.

  1. Using it for branded email addresses such as Nice. We've got you covered. We'll bring over your MX records automatically so no worries there; your existing email will continue working.
  2. Using it for subdomains such as Great, just start a chat with us 👉 now and ask us to copy over your custom DNS records for your domain. Alternatively, you do things the CNAME way and leave your DNS where it is.

Point your domain's nameservers to Volusion

  1. Login to your third party domain provider.
  2. Edit your DNS settings and point your nameservers to the two nameservers you wrote down above. (

Done. ✅

Now you just wait up to 🕑  48 hours for the change to fully propagate. During this time, some people will get directed to your new store, while some will continue to get the old site.

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