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After you sign up for your free trial, you'll be asked to share some information about yourself and your business. The information you share helps us understand you better so we can innovate our platform just for you! It’s not required, but it only takes ten seconds to complete.

Now that you've provided us with some information, you'll arrive at your shiny new dashboard. You'll immediately see a list of sections where you can customize your store. With everything from themes to product pages, this is where you'll set up the foundations for your site!

Step 1: Update Your Store Settings + Logo (30 seconds)

If you’ve thrown a dart at a board and hit the bullseye on the first try, then you know the awesome feeling of success on the first try. If you’ve never done that, today is your lucky day! We're going to get you going in one quick step. Just fill out this short questionnaire to update your store settings.  

After completing the form, you'll be brought to your store settings. This is where we'll update your logo!

You can skip this if you don’t have a logo, since you can always upload one later. Until then, we'll generate a text logo that will appear on your theme. We’ll make sure that it looks great! 👌      

Step 2: Choose a Theme (1 minute)

Now it’s time to choose a theme. Hover over the Volusion Logo in the top left of your screen and you'll see that you can quickly access the items shown on your dashboard. Choose Theme Store.  

Once you're in the theme store, you will see a wide selection of beautiful themes — and all of them are responsive! One thing to note is that all of these themes are modifiable. If you see a theme that you love, you can modify the images on the theme to be tailored to your business and your products. (We'll modify your theme in section 5 of this guide!)

Step 3: Add Products + Organize Your Store (2 minutes)

Adding Products is very simple! Just head on over to your Dashboard and click on Products. (You can also hover over the Volusion logo in the top left and select Products!) Your first step will be to add a product, and from there it’s plug and play!  

Don’t have any products? No worries! Just go ahead and create a few placeholder ones to get a feel how things would look when you add your actual goods. Practice makes perfect, right?

Did you notice that it's easy to create categories while adding products? Categories make it simple for your customers to quickly find what they are looking for when shopping your site. 

For example: if you're selling jewelry, then it may make sense to have your categories be the types of jewelry you offer, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. At the bottom of your product page, you'll see an option add it to a specific category. You can always modify/update categories by heading to Categories from your dashboard.

To give you an idea of what to expect, this is what your Products section would look like if you created three products:

Step 4: Design Your Store (3 minutes)

We’re almost done! To design your store, you need to go to the Store Editor in your Dashboard. (You can also get there by hovering over the Volusion logo in the top left and choosing Store Editor!)

Here the Menu and Content sections will help you quickly set up your store.

The Menu is the section that shows up at the top of your website that helps customers navigate your store. Setting up your menu will be easy, since we already created the categories in a previous step!

Finally, you'll want to edit and design your store’s content to make the theme you select unique to your business. To do so choose Content.  

While modifying your images and updating your content, you'll be able to preview your store anytime by dragging the preview window over to the left.

Step 5: Start Selling (0 minutes)

That’s it: now it’s time to inspect your final product! Just remember that you can view your storefront at any time by navigating to the far right of your screen. Drag it over and then choose if you want to view your storefront in mobile, tablet or desktop format.

And now pat yourself on the back: because you're ready to go! Here's the store we came up with while writing this guide, in case you were curious about what you can do!

How does your store look? We’d love to see it so share a screenshot or your website address with us using the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen.  👉 😀

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