With FullStory, you can watch videos 📽 🍿 of your shoppers' visits to your website! The tool records data about each session and reconstructs it for you as a video. In just minutes, you can learn how to make your site better. To take advantage of this feature on your store, download our FullStory app for free in our App Store app.


  1. Get a free account from FullStory's website.
  2. Inside your account, copy your FullStory Organization ID number contained in the URL (represented here with Xs): "https://app.fullstory.com/ui/XXXXX/settings/general"
  3. Open the Fullstory app from your Home Screen.
  4. Paste your FullStory Organization ID in the field provided.
  5. Press Save.

That's it! You're all set! The tool will start recording visits to your site, which you can then watch inside your FullStory account.

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