Features and Improvements 🙌

Getting Started App 🏃

Created an improved experience for new merchants to help them quickly and easily get their stores set up!

Auto-populating Product Variants

Adding a variant group to a new product will now automatically pull in the variant values that were used before. If you haven't setup your sizes, colors, and more, now is the time! It's easier than ever. Learn how.

Product Description Editor

Now you can add rich descriptions to your products, with more formatting options. See our tips for creating better descriptions that sell more.

New Welcome Survey Questions 👋

We have updated the questions we ask new users after signing up for a trial to help us better understand their needs and create a more focused, tailored experience for our users. 

Adding Products to Categories

We made this a lot faster by allowing you to quick-select the most recently added/updated products, rather than having to search for them. 🕵️‍♀️

FaceBook Tracking Pixel

Get insights and analysis for your Facebook ads by integrating your Facebook Tracking Pixel with your Volusion store. The new Facebook pixel makes conversion tracking, optimization and remarketing easier than ever. Learn more and activate it now.

Shopper Screen Recording

Now you can watch videos 📽 🍿 of your shoppers using your website! You'll learn more in a few minutes about how to make your site better, and it's fun to watch! Learn more and activate it now. Powered by Full Story.

Mobile Experience Improvements📱

We made improvements to the mobile experience across the board, from improved forms to faster loading to layouts optimized for smaller screen sizes.

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Add to CartFixed a few minor issues!
  • Store Editor Theme Update 🎨The store editor theme update wasn't showing up; we've repaired this issue!
  • CustomDomain ServiceMade some improvements to CustomDomain Service performance.
  • Store Editor 🖼️The logo drag and drop and picker wasn't working in the store editor. This has been fixed!
  • RedactorCopy/pasting large amounts of text into the redactor was causing the page to disappear! 👻 This has been fixed.
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