The Photo Editor gives you tons of ways to customize images in your Image Gallery.

Choose the type of change(s) you want to make. When you finish, press Apply. If you want to make additional changes, you can. Press Save to permanently add all applied changes to your photo.

Apply a Frame

If you want to add a border to your photo, press Frames. First, you'll see available style sets. Once you pick a style set, you can scroll through a number of frame options. Press any thumbnail to take a peek at how that frame will look with your photo.

Change the Orientation

If you want to change how your photo lays on the page, press Orientation to rotate or flip it. Rotate a photo 90 degrees in either direction as if you were spinning it on a tabletop by pressing the appropriate option. The mirror options let you create a "reflection" of your photo. The dotted lines in the icons indicate the location of the "mirror" in relation to the photo.

Crop the Image

If you want to get rid of part of the photo, press Crop. You'll see a grid overlaying it. Press any of the grid's corners and drag to change its size or shape, or press the center of the grid to drag the whole thing to a new location. If you want to keep your photo's aspect ratio the same, select the Lock Dimensions check box. You can also change the grid’s size or shape by picking a new grid type in the top menu.

Resize the Image

If you want to change the photo's display size, press Resize. Click the pixel count of either the width or the height and type in the new number of your choice. The other value will automatically change to maintain the photo's original aspect ratio. If you want to change the dimensions freely, click the lock icon in the center and confirm. Be aware that unlocking the aspect ratio and changing the pixel counts can distort your photo.

Change the Lighting Properties

If you want to change your photo's lighting properties, press Lighting. You can adjust brightness, contrast, highlights, and shadows by clicking the property of your choice and dragging the slider in either direction.

Change the Color Properties

If you want to change your photo's color properties, press Color. You can adjust saturation, warmth, tint, and fade by clicking the property of your choice and dragging the slider in either direction.

Adjust the Sharpness

If you want to change the visual definition of your photo, press Sharpness. Drag the slider to the left for a softer look, or to the right for a stronger look.

Add Text

If you want to add words on top of your photo, press Text. Type your text in the box that appears, or click x to get rid of the box. You can bring it back by pressing Add Text at the top. If you’ve already added some text, this option also lets you add more. To adjust the font color, pick a predefined swatch at the top, or choose the multicolored option to pick your own custom color. If you want to change the font style, you can choose a new font from the menu provided. To change the text location, press the center of the box and drag it to its new position. To change its size or orientation, press the white circle in the bottom right and drag appropriately.

Zoom In or Out

To zoom in or out on the photo, press the magnifying lens icon. You can also use the slider to change the display size in the photo editor window.

For more photo editing options, see "How to Manage and Edit Images".

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